Why to travel a distance for learning when in today’s computerized world everything is available at the click of a mouse?

This was my main thought behind starting this website for online teaching.

Today when you can even buy products online without going to shops why does the student need to physically go somewhere to get the coaching? Computers have become integral part of our life, Smart phones are seen in every hand. Then why should we stick to old fashioned classroom teaching?



When I started asking myself what is it that we cannot teach online which can be taught in classroom session, trust me I could not think of any single point. There are so many tools available to make the online teaching user friendly these days! So why should students not have the facility of learning while sitting in their respective homes?

As I started thinking about this more & through my experience of classroom teaching, I in fact realized that there are many limitations in classroom teaching which can be easily avoided in online teaching. These are illustrated in the next tab.

“If your actions inspire students to dream more, learn more, do more & become more, then yes indeed you are a teacher!”

Anil Joshi


Limitations of Classroom Teaching

Waste of time in daily commuting.
Lecture once delivered in classroom is never stored & student cannot access that again.

Classroom lectures are always at a fixed time & students have to adjust as per that time. But online pre-recorded lectures can be attended any time as per student’s convenience.

Sometimes there is poor infrastructure in classrooms. E.g. improper lighting, improper position of fans or AC etc. which can even affect the health of the students. Due to peer pressure & inferiority complex many students feel shy of asking questions in the class.

Classroom lectures always need physical infrastructure & hence the fees charged to students are always loaded with the rent, utility costs of that infrastructure. This makes the classroom sessions expensive. You can avoid all this when it comes to online learning. We just need a computer & good network connectivity. That is it!!

Why this Website?

Ensure conceptual clarity on each & every topic taught.

Make the teaching available to the students at an affordable cost.

Update the knowledge of the students as & when developments take place.

Take feedback from students & make improvements at every step.

Make the whole process a two way participative process wherein students actively participate in learning by way of asking queries.

My students should understand all the necessary fundamentals of the topic which they learn through this portal & also be able to apply the same in real world

My Belief

You must have gone through my profile. Believe me this website is a sheer result of my passion towards teaching & helping the students who are truly interested in learning. I strongly believe in the following –

No commerce student should ever suffer due to absence of good faculty.

Every person is a student throughout his/her life. So while I am teaching to the students, it is my duty to constantly update my knowledge in the related subjects. This ultimately will help my students.

There is no substitute to giving conceptual clarity about each & every topic taught & helping the students in solving practical questions. Once the students get a conceptual clarity, it becomes very easy for them to solve any related questions howsoever tough those are.

And finally teaching is not just a profession… It is also a noble service to the mankind through which teachers shape the student's future & help them transform themselves & thereby the world!

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give." Through this website I sincerely hope that I will be able to make a life of each of my students through my teaching… I wish all my students a Very Happy Learning!!

Anil Joshi
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