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REDEFINING EDUCATION is an online teaching portal to help thousands of students who are passionate about learning, who are modern students of 21st century & those who want to avoid all the limitations of typical classroom teaching.

Follow these tabs to know how to use this site.
If you are a new user, before you decide to enrol for any course under this website, you can go to ‘sample sessions’ under ‘Courses’ tab (this can be accessed without any fees) to see the glimpse of few sessions which will give you an idea of the quality of content imparted through this website (the format & the way of presenting the information may change from course to course).

Before you decide to enrol for any course for the first time on this site, it is necessary that you first ‘sign up’ which is available at the top right corner.

The sessions can be of 2 types. 1) Live Webinars 2) Recorded Session

Live Webinars are the live sessions.

Live Webinar is a video based live session. In this students can see the faculty through webcam, the faculty can share his screen & explain any complex questions just like whiteboard. Students can listen to the faculty & they can post any query also by typing. So this is very similar to classroom session.

Steps to access Live Webinar:

1) For enrolling for Live Webinar, you need to log in & click on that course.

2) After that you can see the detailed content of the course under ‘Course Curriculum’.

3) Click on ‘Take this Course’ & then ‘Add to Cart’ & then ‘Check out’. Follow the payment instructions thereafter & make the payment.

4) Once the payment is made, the process is over. Then directly on the day of webinar you need to log in (preferably 5 minutes before the scheduled time) & click on the course. You will get a link under ‘Course Curriculum’ which says ‘Go to Webinar’. Click on the same & you have entered the webinar!

For Free Live Webinars you need to just log in & can access the session as mentioned in point 4 above.

We are also planning to introduce recorded sessions which you can access whenever you want. We are in the process of incorporating the same & will lay out the detailed process here once it is done.

Any courses which we plan to launch soon will be displayed on the site with a tag ‘Coming Soon’ for your information.

Apart from the above, any important or interesting articles will be released through the blog. The same can be accessed either by clicking on the ‘BLOG’ available on top or the same is available below the ‘Popular Courses’ section.

If you are an experienced faculty, especially having prior online teaching experience for any of the commerce subjects, you can apply for the post of a faculty under this website by clicking on Apply for Faculty & then filling up & submitting the necessary details. Admin will revert back to you depending upon the requirements after you submit the necessary details.

If you want to reach out to us, you can do that either by clicking on ‘Chat’ or sending an email to the id mentioned in ‘CONTACT US’ section at the top.

Commerce Funda wishes you a Very Happy Online Learning!”